Enter: Karapernelya.

Caraphernelia (kah-ra-fer-neel-yuh): A broken-heart disease whenever someone leaves you but leaves all their things behind.

Check my tumblr and you’re probably thinking, “Wtf is a Karapernelya lol”. Well, now you know. And there still is that one question on your mind, right? The “Why?” question. Well, let’s get into some details about the origins of this stupid-ass name. First, i’ve had four girlfriends (all of whom broke up with me, I don’t do breakups lol). And I loved those girls deeply (except the 3rd one. A 3-day relationship? Bitch, please). In the duration of those relationships, every one of them received a gift or two, or maybe more, even. So, yeah. I kinda give them Caraphernelia in a way. Is that how it works? I mean how can you even miss someone you didn’t love as much as he did anyway? But, it’s okay. Because there’s this girl. Oh yes this girl. I never knew that a single 5-foot-tall girl could contain so much beauty until now. I just love everything about her so far. Her hair and the way it curls, her smile, her height (lol), her voice, the way she talks, the way she looks at me and well, basically, everything. Yes, this might actually be falling in love. Something i’ve never really been afraid to do. Because, let’s face it. You get hurt way too many times, you develop some kind of immunity to pain. Hell, I haven’t cried hard since grade school. This girl though. She’s just literally so beautiful. It sucks to know that there are actually some people out there that had the guts to break her fragile little heart (her exes lol). Damn. I just strayed wayyy too far from the subject didn’t I? Well. Let’s talk about her on another post, shall we? Haha. Kbye. Oh and if you were a pierce the veil fan (which I used to be) you wouldn’t even need to read about how I got the name lol.

Fitting In. (Part 2)

"Aerials, in the skyyy….", said Serj Tankian through these shitty earphones that requires a little tinkering in order to get the full quality sound. Sucks, doesn’t it? Oh, let me start where we actually left off. I was getting sleepy then, right? Yeah. It’s 9:49 PM. I spent the whole day sleeping. From, like, 6:43(?)AM till 7:00 PM. I think that’s pretty much VAMPIRE STATUS right there. Welp. Two parts already and still nothing about "Fitting In". Wattamidoingwithmylife. My ADHD gets worse with every waking moment so I apologize if I shift through a whole load of different topics that you won’t even see comin. So. About fitting in. How does a 16-year-old, curly haired, extremely attractive (yeah,sorry), skateboarding, delinquent fit in to a society of law-abiding, delinquent-hating, media-brainwashed people? Simple. I just don’t give a fuck. That’s really just the key to anything. Low grades? Its k. Got punched in the face? Its k. Hated by society? Its k. The less you care about the world, the better. Seriously. Take it from me bruh/sis. I have probably the most positive mindset in this place. I don’t take orders from anyone (except my mom. You should too. Moms are love, moms are life). I didn’t go to college because I found it to be a bit hypocritical. I mean. I go around saying "fuck the system" and end up going to a university? Dude. Good thing Google (hail google) exists. I mean, everything’s here (literally). Wanna learn to cook? Google. Wanna learn about algorithms and shit? Google that shit man. Wanna know how Cannibal Corpse got its name? Google. See? You can get through anything with The Mighty Google. Wanna cope with problems? YouTube some sad songs and shit (YouTube=Owned by google. Go figure). In all seriousness though, We are all owned by technology. Aren’t we? I mean you’re reading this through your computer. You do a whole lot of shit on your computer man. Like, talking to your crush, listening to music, getting brainwashed by some TV Channel’s facebook page and all that. The truth is, we’ve all been brainwashed by technology. The government uses propaganda to keep us in "The Loop". The "Loop" being the things that we (or technically,you) do over and over and over again. Going to school, "learning", doing some useless shit. Rinse and repeat. Why? Why do we have to follow this "system"? Why don’t we make our own? But wait, you’re probably going, "Wtf is this system lol". The system/cycle is this. You get born, parents pick out your religion for you, you go to grade school, graduate, highschool, graduate, go to college, cram all your time making projects and shit, graduate, find a job, find a "home", spend all day out of it but still pay a large fee to stay in it, work work work, get to 50, try to be as happy as you can, Die. THAT my friends, is the cycle. The cycle we have to follow to fit in. But I say fuck it. Let’s not follow this cycle. Sure, it makes us universally accepted. But the question is, does it make us happy? Does it  make us free? The answer is NO. Ask yourself, go on. If you’re my age, and in college. Ask yourself. If you’re older than me and working, go. Ask yourself. Unless you’re in a band, a tattoo artist, an MMA fighter or a work at home guy, chances are you’re not happy. So brothers and sisters. Will you say "Fuck The System" with me? We’ve all had enough of this. Look deep in you, friend. Rise. ;)

Fitting In. (Part 1)

It’s 5:39 AM. And no, i didn’t just wake up. I’ve had 0 hours of sleep so far. Not such a healthy sleeping habit for a 16-year-old right? But it’s what i’m used to. I don’t know if it’s insomnia or something else (delayed sleep phase, probably? idk). But that’s not why you’re here. You don’t wanna know about my health habits do you (kinda creepy if you do, really)? But still, i’m gonna tell you all about me. For the fuck of it. I’m Ken. I’m a 16-year-old with curly ass hair. I don’t know, some people find it attractive and some don’t. But isn’t that the thing about society? You like something and everyone else hates it? Anyway. I graduated high school 4 months ago. In case you were wondering, i currently have no plans to go to college. And i get A LOT of shit for that. My friends go, “Hey you’re just wasting your time on some stupid shit.” my parents go (well, my mom at least. My dad probably thought my awesomeness was too much for him, so he left), “Hey quit wasting your time on stupid shit.”. It’s just the same really. But, the truth is, I don’t think i’m wasting time. There’s this quote I read one time. It was “Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”, and basically those are the words I live by at the moment. And it’s true isn’t it? You’re enjoying every moment and think that you’re just wasting that time. Hypocrisy at its finest lol. Welp. I’m starting to get sleepy lol. If you look at the title you’ll notice that it has a “Part 1” thing written on it. Whatever lol.